1. This Property is NOT secluded. The nearest neighbor is 250 Feet away. We cannot control neighborhood noise and there is a driveway adjacent to the cabin that leads back to the neighbor’s property. Please respect their privacy and stay off of their property. All guests must follow the local noise ordinance. We reserve the right to cancel a reservation or refuse a reservation if patrons have been disruptive or disrespectful to the property during a previous stay.
  2. No smoking in the cabin. If you smoke outside, please dispose of cigarettes properly. Do not flip butts in the yards, fireplaces, or outside; only use ash trays to put out cigarettes. If evidence of smoking in the cabin occurs or butts are thrown into the yard, there will be a $250 charge to guest’s credit card. Do Not dump ashes in trash in house-it makes the house smell like you have smoked inside; throw them in a trash bag outside.
  3. To rent the cabin, a guest must be at least 30 years old and will stay in the same cabin for the entire visit. The 30-year or older guest must sign and complete the contract, and will be responsible for all guests and damages during the stay.
  4. Check-in is at 4 p.m. and Check-out is at 11a.m.
  5. This cabin is privately owned and reflects the taste of its owners. Specialty items vary. There is an Owner’s locked closet. Tampering with the locked closet will result in a charge to the Guest’s credit card. No Parking in the grass is allowed!
  6. Cancellation of a confirmed reservation must be received by the guest, not a representative of that Guest. Reservations must be cancelled 14 days prior to arrival. If you give 14 or less days notice, your credit card will be charged for 50% of the first night along with charge along with any taxes or fees. If you cancel your reservation 15 days prior to your reservation, you will receive a refund of the charges minus a $50 cancellation fee. Late cancellations, early departures, and no shows will not receive a refund. Refunds will not be given for weather or other things that are beyond our control, such as power failures or acts of god. The Owner’s are not responsible for matters that are out of our control, e.g. noise, construction, weather, etc.
  7. Cleaning will occur after each departure by housekeeping. Guests are required to:
  • Gather all trash and put in kitchen.
  • Wash and put away all dishes/pots/pans/silverware.
  • Ensure that the home receives reasonable cleaning during your stay, i.e. vacuuming, sweeping, etc.
  • Leave all furniture and other contents in original location and conditions.
  • When departing, leave the A/C at 75 degrees or Heat at 55 degrees.
  • Failure to comply w/the above rules could result in a charge to the Guest’s credit card for additional cleaning.
  1. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, personal checks, credit card thru paypal, VRBO website, and paypal. There will be a $50 charge for any returned checks for insufficient funds or account closed, and Guest reservations would be cancelled immediately. All funds must be paid in U.S. currency.
  2. If a guest becomes locked out of the home during the rental period, Guest may borrow a key by contacting the owners. The Guest must call 812-334-9929 and leave a message. There will be a $20.00 service charge, which is to be collected at the time the service is rendered.
  3. All equipment in the home should be in working order. Please report any inoperative equipment to the Heil’s (812-334-9929) promptly. The owners will make every reasonable effort to have the problem corrected. Under no circumstance will there be a reduction of rent or refund for loss of utilities, mechanical failure of air conditioning, heating unit, dishwasher, washer, dryer, TV, VCR, blender, toaster, or other appliances.
  4. While rare, all hot tubs are subject to temporary closing due to extenuating circumstances. No refund or rent reductions will be given if this occurs. There are no refunds for inclement weather including snow, etc.
  5. The number of Guests occupying a property is limited to the number stated on the lease agreement. These limits are strictly enforced and monitored via security cameras on the premise. Exceeding the specified occupancy constitutes a breach in the lease agreement and will lead to termination without refund of rent and possible credit card charges. Non-overnight Guest need to be approved by owners. Fees for unregistered guests will be three times the normal extra guest fee for the total of nights booked regardless of the number of days they stayed. Please be honest with us.
  6. There is a security system on the premise for the protection of our guests and the owners. The security camera is present to confirm the number of guests during check-in and check-out. We have installed this camera to allow us to provide remote check-in and to monitor the property when no one is present.
  7. The owners will not be responsible for personal items. Guest must send a prepaid envelope or package for return shipment. No COD’s.
  8. Pets are NOT allowed. If you are found to have a pet on the property, there is a minimum of a $200 charge that will be added to the credit card on file. Additional fees may be charged to guest credit card to cover cost of cleaning, spraying, etc. Indiana Laws with regards to service animals are followed. Any physical damage caused by the dog/cat from chewing or scratching will be charged to the owner’s credit card in addition to the $200-$500 fee.
  9. There is at least a two (2) night reservation minimum. One full night rental plus taxes, surcharge and handling fee must be paid at the time you make a reservation with a online check payment/paypal. Once property is reserved, a confirmation will be e-mailed immediately to Guest. The remaining balance will be due 1 week prior to arrival.
  10. A credit card number must be provided for damages. Guest will be responsible for any damages or theft. Please report any damage upon occurrence. GUESTS CREDIT CARD WILL BE USED AS DAMAGE PAYMENT. Charges to Guest's card may include, but are not limited to: damages over and above normal wear and tear, theft, phone charges, extra guests, excessive cleanup, unreturned keys, unauthorized late check-outs and unwarranted service calls. If a fee is charged, a letter will be sent to the Guest explaining the reason. Should the Guest(s) dispute the charges or the credit card limit on the card not be sufficient to cover the theft and/or repairs/cleaning required due to excessive use of the cabin, the owners reserves the right to charge the Guests(s) with vandalism and pursue collection from the Guest(s) with venue being in the County of Monroe, State of Indiana. All reasonable attorneys’ fees will be at the expense of the Guests(s) should collection become necessary.
  11. Telephones are provided for local calls only. To make long distance calls, Guests are required to use a credit card or calling card. If long distance charges are incurred during a Guest's stay, Guest will be charged $20.00 in addition to the cost of the phone calls.
  12. The Owner has furnished the unit with basic needs for housekeeping, cooking, etc. Linens, pillows and bedspreads are provided. Paper products, condiments, and cleaning supplies are not. The cabin has a fire pit, and wood is supplied by request. There is an outdoor park style grill for grilling. We do not supply the charcoal or starting fluid.
  13. The property shall be in safe, clean condition and shall meet the building and housing codes. Owner repairs shall be made upon proper notification.
  14. Unauthorized late check-outs shall cause the tenant to be charged up to twice the daily rental rate for any portion of day the tenant remains on/in the premises. This rent plus any and all legal fee or other expenses resulting from this late check-out shall be paid by the tenant.
  15. The owners conduct business without respect to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or family status of tenant.
  16. Take special precaution when using the hot tub. Do not use the hot tub if you are pregnant, intoxicated, or have other health conditions that would be negatively affected. Children are not recommended in hot tubs and the parents or guardian assumes all responsibility if the child is injured or hospitalized. Hot tub maintenance is done following the exit of each reservation. Do not use or apply lotions, oils, bubble baths, detergents, or other products prior to getting in the hot tub. These can cause damage to the hot tub. If excessive cleaning is required, the guest credit card will be charged a minimum of $50. Hot Tub shall remain covered when not in use; Failure to cover the tub can result in damage to the heat pump, and extra charges to be assigned to guests.
  17. Please secure the property upon exit (this includes locking windows). If the property is left unsecured, and damages or theft occur, then the guest credit card will be charged for the loss.
  18. Please use common sense when using the property. Do not flush toiletries or tampons down the toilet. Please dispose of toiletries in the trash next to the toilets. If a clog happens as a result of flushing a feminine product, Q-tips, and anything other than toilet paper or human waste, the guest’s credit card will be charged for the repair or plumber’s fees.
  19. Small external storage shed is provided on the property at no additional cost. Guest will be permitted to use the shed to store motorcycles, four wheelers, or other items that the guest’s bring. The guest is responsible for the items. The owners will not accept responsibility for any stolen or lost items.
  20. This is not a childproofed house. If you have small children, it is your job to maintain their safety while at the cabin. The owner will not be liable for any injuries sustained at the cabin.
  21. We will do an inspection of the property upon checkout. If any household items are missing, you have 1 week to return them. If you have damaged furniture, you will be charged a fee to repair it. If damage to the property happens by accident and not true negligence, then please be up front with the owner’s and report it. If it is found later, then charges will be applied.

We love our cabin and take a lot of pride in all of the amenities. When one is damaged or ruined, it upsets us because we built the cabin with our own hands and put a lot of love in decorating it. Please be respectful.

NOTE: Please remember you are coming to the country...bring sunscreen, bug repellant, etc. If you are allergic to insects or pollen be sure to bring your antihistamine. Always be aware there are some critters around that can be bothersome and even dangerous, including wasps, ticks, deer, coyotes, spiders, skunks & snakes. Property Management cannot control Mother Nature or her critters!